St. Catharines Diocese Jubilee Year of Mercy Prayer

Below is the recommended prayer for the year of faith. Please pray daily in private and in group, at waking and going to rest, at home or at work, before or after meals, or at any other opportune times. Make the prayer known so that the world may storm the heavenly realms with a single voice and one intention. May the Advent of the Lord be a resounding kickoff for this year of grace!

“Merciful Like the Father” Logo-yearofmercy

O God our Father,
turn your gaze toward us
so that we may know your mercy

Help us to acknowledge our sin
and see the injury it causes.
Pour the medicine of your mercy
over us as a healing balm.

Like a trusting child
may we run to the open
arms of your Son, Jesus Christ,
who is meek and humble of heart.

In being transformed by mercy,
may we become witnesses of mercy,
bringing healing and hope to others.

May your Holy Spirit
inflame our hearts and
inspire many to respond
to you with love.

Grant us the grace
to be merciful like our Father.


Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.