Church Ministries


What a truly blessed Ministry this is! To read the Word of the Lord to the assembly of God’s people;  to personally feel the meaning of the passages and to try to convey this to others!! All age groups  are welcome in this ministry. We share with our pastor the spreading of the Word of God to ourselves and others — how awesome! If you wish to be a part of this exciting ministry, please join —  training is provided and it will enhance and enrich your own spiritual growth.  God’s Word keeps making us better than we were. Sandy Johnson co-ordinates this ministry.


Eucharist is the source and summit of our Christian life and mission. It is a memorial of saving the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty God. Jesus said to the apostles, “Do this in remembrance of me; I am with you until the end of time.”  Sacred Ministers of Communion help with the giving of Holy Communion under to the people of God at all masses – weekdays, Saturday and Sunday, as well as to the sick and shut-ins as advised.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your relation-ship with God or would like to become more involved in our parish community, please consider becoming a Sacred Minister of Communion and sharing the Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation with our brothers and sisters. Lisa Shibley is the coordinator of Ministers of Communion.


These hard-working parishoners oversee the general tidiness and preparations of our place of worship, including decorations, care of the sacred vessels and vestments, sacristy and Altar preparations.


These folks have the function of making worshipers feel welcome and at home, before, during and after celebrations. They hand out bulletins, direct processions, seat people who may be late and collect the offerings of the people of God. Sandy MacIntyre is head of this ministry.


St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” As singing is the mark of joyful heart, our choir cheers up the hearts of worshipers, leading everyone to an uplifting Liturgical Celebration in the praise of Jesus, to the Glory of God the Father. Roseann Shields and Dominic Concessi lead the music ministry.


A crew of Altar Servers who are the “little helpers of God” assist the Priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass.  This is done through specific actions, and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy, hymns, responses etc.
These ” little helpers of God” are the great kids of St. Patrick family – Parish and School.  They always get together beforehand to get dressed, plan on who is going to do what task, prepare the candles and crucifix, etc.  Those who serve at God’s altar get gifts from the Lord two-fold! Barbara Koiter is the coordinator.


Children are given the opportunity and the ability, in their own space, to encounter and share the Word of God in a way that is unique to their stage, during the 11:00 Mass on Sunday mornings. If you would like to assist in this wonderful ministry please contact Rosalynn Aliberti, the coordinator.