Welcome to our St. Patrick Port Colborne Parish website!

In this age of cyber connectivity, it’s right and fitting that our parish can be conveniently accessed through the web. In life, what we read, watch, hear and think influence us. It is from such that we are fed, and from our feeding we become. So “we are transformed by renewing our minds.” Romans 12:2

I am excited about what the Good Lord would be using this site and other means in our parish to achieve among his people in the years ahead. Enjoy the site, reach us through it, make recommendations if you delight, we want to work together to build our faith assembly and God’s kingdom.

The website also provides an opportunity for parishioners to share stories and memories of their Church life. Whether it’s growing up in the Church, returning to your roots, or recalling those special days when you received a sacrament of salvation, this is your chance to tell your tale! The result: collectively, we will, as a congregation, complete a personal history of our church – one that will be accessed by friends, family and searchers for years to come. Please email your submission to the church for posting and visit the “Blog” portion of the website often to read posts from fellow parishioners as well as editorials.

Church email address is: parish.stpatrick@gmail.com


Business owners are welcome to support the Church by advertising on the site. Please contact the parish office through the above email address or call 905-834-6426 for pricing.

God bless you,
Father Wieslaw Woloszyn,